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16 February 2015


Aboriginal Peoples of Australia have been waiting more than 200 years for Treaties.


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22 February 2015


"Australia is the only Commonwealth country that never signed an official treaty with its Indigenous peoples."


Sir William Deane, Australian Governor-General (1996–2001), at Inaugural Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture (August 1996)


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1 March 2015


Aboriginal Peoples all know that this land belongs to them. The land was never ceded nor has any government ever attempted to seek a settlement or treaty with its owners.


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9 March 2015


In the year 2000, The Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation (CAR) identified a Treaty was the unfinished business of the reconciliation process and recommended:

“that the Commonwealth Parliament enact legislation . . . to put in place a process which will unite all Australians by way of an agreement, or treaty, through which unresolved issues of reconciliation can be resolved.”


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16 March 2015


A United Nations Committee in 2010 recommended that Australia “...consider the negotiation of a treaty agreement to build a constructive and sustained relationship with Indigenous peoples.”


The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination CERD, Concluding Observations, August 2010.


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30 March 2015


Since the introduction of the NT Intervention in 2007 both Labor and Liberal Governments have engaged in a process of disempowering Aboriginal communities. Even though governments may have been well intentioned, these measures have caused great distress and harm to the people and punitive policies have failed to make improvements.


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13 April 2015


Aboriginal people were promised self–determination when Australia signed the UN Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in 1972. It is expected that Australia will honour its international commitment.


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27 April 2015


According to the Department of the Attorney-General, it is agreed that at a minimum self–determinations entails “the entitlement of peoples to have control over their destiny and to be treated respectfully. This includes peoples being free to pursue their economic, social and cultural development."


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11 May 2015


Positive change in Australia depends on Aboriginal people having more control over their lives. Improvements in education, employment and quality of life must be achieved by policies and programs owned and developed by the people affected.

Success cannot be imposed from Canberra.


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29 May 2015


"It is time for us to take the steps that would finally unite us as one people and recognise that true reconciliation with Aboriginal Australians requires a treaty."


George Williams, Professor of Law UNSW, Nov 2013.


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21 June 2015


Aboriginal People presented the Australian Government with a Bark Petition for Treaty at Barunga in 1988 calling for Indigenous rights beginning with self-determination. A young Joe Morrison was present at Barunga and remembers well the experience and good will. He recently said when questioned on Treaty,


"We really can't afford to be having these conversations drag on forever, we really need to embrace them and get on with it."


Joe Morrison CEO Northern Land Council (June 1st 2015)


Treaty Video with historical background



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1 July 2015


After a call for a journey of truth and justice, Arrente-Amatjere woman, Rosalie Kunoth-Monks OAM asks the people of Australia to consider a Treaty.


"Treaty is not a scary word, have a look at it and look at it truthfully. We are the First People of this country."


National Freedom Movement (SA), How Would You Like to be Me? Part 1

Video from the event



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